4K Monitor Buying Guide

Need a comprehensive 4K monitor buying guide or help? Let us guide you through the rapid advancement in technology which has taken the electronic industry by a storm. The progress is evident in the monitor technology and witnessing a 4K system is not a shocker. It belongs to the Ultra HD (UHD) fraternity of monitors. This is technology at its best as it is twice as powerful as the 2K system with enhanced resolution both horizontally and vertically. There are several things to consider when buying such a product. Several manufacturers are there and all have something different to offer in this category. It is a comprehensive 4K monitor buying guide which will help you with all the aspects related with the product.


The needs of the users are growing with time and so are their demands. They want something bigger and better to cater for their diverse range of needs. The monitors today are not just used for computing but a whole world of entertainment is at it’s dispense. People use it to watch movies, watch live streaming and play video games to entertain themselves. 4K is definitely a trend setter in the industry which and people are adapting to it.

Rules for Buying a Monitor:

If you are on a 4K hunt then there are a number of things which becomes pivotal to consider. Following are the rules which you must follow religiously:

  • check
    Analyze your needs.
  • check
    Decide on a certain budget.
  • check
    Determine the particular size that you want.
  • check
    Consider all the technical aspects such as pixels response rate, resolutions and the value added features.
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    What brand will aptly suit your needs and wants?


You will be stunned to silence when you get to know about the diversity and versatility of such monitors. You can use it for a whole lot of purposes. They are preferred by professionals in visual, architectural and multimedia designing. The game buffs prefer it for an extraordinary gaming experience which isn’t possible otherwise. Moreover, it has a very broad entertainment angle as watching a movie or any video on such screen would be an experience par excellence.


You will see all the popular monitor manufacturers offering this version with a lot of exciting claims. The repute of the manufacturer matters a lot and you must not fell for the marketing gimmicks. Rather, take your time to evaluate the usefulness of a particular brand as it will go down as a multi hundred dollars long term investment. If you were a user of a particular brand which has served you well then consider going with the same brand for this new upgrade. Experimenting might not be a wise thing to do when making such a purchase. It is better to read the brand/ product reviews and also the customers’ feedbacks who already have experienced the perks of a particular brand with its new 4K venture.

Screen Size:

Screen size is the thing on which most of the buyers base their decision. It depends on your needs, size of your room and the purpose for which you are acquiring such monitor. The minimum size available in this category is 24 inch and goes well over 40 inches. You must make this decision very carefully particularly considering about the size of your room. The viewing angles would getter better and better just as the size of the screen grows. Another important advice here is to consider your future needs as well. In most of the times and for most of the users, it is better to go with a bigger size which will avoid you from regretting later.

Resolutions of 4K:

Life is all about colors and so are the monitors. The resolution of the monitor is one of the most critical things which you check while making a decision. They control the picture result in terms of its sharpness using the pixels in horizontal and vertical setting on the screen. Higher the resolution of the monitor; better will be the picture quality. The Full HD monitor comes with 1080 lines of resolution which will substantially satisfy the needs of many technology seekers. But, hold on to your breath as the 4K at the very minimum would be 4000 horizontal lines which is 4x as much as a Full HD screen that you see today. This resolution is the reason that such monitors are known as 4K.


The v2.0 of HDMI is the most productive benefit in the system as offers enhanced data bandwidth. It offers color sampling at an astonishing frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. Furthermore, there is also an option of USB input port which is limited but suitable in a number of scenarios for the users. The connectivity options are different for different manufacturers and the user must shop well to get the most out of the system.

Graphics Card Support:

The graphic card support is always a main consideration when upgrading your monitor to a 4K. Good news in this regard is that all the of the GPUs including 700, 800 and 900 supports such monitors. Once you connect it with your system having any of the said graphics card, the NVIDIA driver of your system will automatically detect the connection. The installation is hassle free as the user is not required to do anything. But, if you don’t have the particular graphics card support then you have to upgrade it to get going with the 4K monitor.


The warranty associated with such heavy investment give users the much needed peace of mind that gives them the confidence to invest. Like other electronics, the warranty is limited to be either 1 to2 years maximum. It is upon the discretion of the manufacturer who set it according to their suitability. A larger warranty period doesn’t mean that it is a better product than the one with smaller warranty. Rather, the user has to find out that which product will give them better value for their money over a period of time.


The 4K monitor buying guide here has discussed all the important aspects which are important to consider while buying such systems. The range is enormous which makes it challenging for the customer to take the right decision. He has to evaluate the product by considering it from all angles. Further, the need of the buyer should also be taken into consideration.

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