ASUS MX299Q 29-Inch Ultra Wide LED-Lit Monitor Review

There has been a remarkable growth noticed in the LED monitor market, especially when the high definition monitor with extremely powerful resolutions came into the market. But, what would you have to say when such a thing comes with ultra-wide screen as well? The ASUS 29 Inch LED Monitor comes with an astounding list of features which you will rarely see in any other similar product. The unique selling point of this screen is that it is super wide and gives great usability to the users who have diverse needs, especially when they are using such equipment for gaming and entertainment purposes. Further, it is excellent in professional uses as well where wider screen space is desirable.

ASUS MX299Q 29" 21:9 2560x1080 AH-IPS DisplayPort HDMI DVI-D Back-lit LED Monitor

Features and specifications:

The following are some of the notable features and specifications of this LED monitor:

• Dimensions: 8.5 x27.6 x15.4 inches.

• Weight: 12 pounds.

• It is a full panoramic screen giving an output of 21:9.

• It has AH-IPS display which gives an enormous 178-degree-wide view angle.

• The screen is frameless giving a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels.

• The system uses Sonic Master sound technology, which is excellent and keeps the sound accurate to the source.

• It comes with a Display Port, HDMI, and the dual link DVI ports ensuring multiple device connections


There are a number of pros of this system which makes it an ultimate choice for many technology product seekers out there:

• It is an ultra-wide panel that has greater view from different angles of the room without compromising over quality. The 21:9 aspect ratio gives no black bars at all.

• High resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels.

• It is compatible with multiple devices, including different video game consoles and PCs with any operating system.

• It has a nice sleek design with a sturdy stand to make the system easier to place in any corner or side of your room.

• The system is ideal for professionals and can be used both at home and in office settings with ease.

• It comes with all the connectivity cables that you may need such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, and MHL.

• Connecting with your PC using the HDMI port allows you to have incredible audio output using your external PC speakers.


The following are some if its major cons which you must consider when thinking about purchasing this monitor:

• The buttons become rigid if the monitor is in sleep mode for some time.

• There is issue with the Display Port, as when the screen is off while shutting down the PC, it will never come back again unless you re-plug it.

• The height is not good enough for easy viewing. Its 15.4 inch height includes the stand as well which merely leaves the genuine height of the system to be just of 12 inches. It should have been a bit more.

• There are some compatibility issues reported with Mac systems. It doesn’t give easy performance with those systems.


In a nutshell, it is an amazing option for all the entertainment buffs and also the professionals who have higher demands of having the wider screens to do their job with ease. There are some downsides too, especially with its height and the compatibility issues reported with the Mac systems. Nevertheless, it is an exciting piece of technology which will surely give you great value over time and would justify the investment that you are required to make for this monitor.

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