DELL 28 inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2815Q Review

Dell is a renowned name in the production of hefty display technology. The DELL 28 inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor is a new sensation by the manufacturer which is creating vibes in the technology fraternity. A lot of outstanding and advanced features make it a unanimous choice for many technology enthusiasts out there who want everything just about perfect in their set up. Its 28-inch display is huge and excellent to enjoy video games and a lot of other things for which you need a large monitor. You surely need to think again if you are considering any other product within this price range.

Features and Its Perks

There are a number of useful things associated with the panel which makes it an excellent option to consider for your facilitation. The following are some of its amazing features at a glance which will benefit you in a number of different ways:

Backlight Technology – The LED backlighting is very much in demand these days and this astounding monitor gives just that. You will surely be spellbound by the amazing quality it produces using this spectacular backlighting.

Compatibility – It is compatible with a number of devices and systems such as your game consoles and PCs with either Windows or the Mac operating systems.

Outstanding Picture Quality – It gives 3840 X 2160 picture resolutions, which is outstanding and will surely give you a remarkable difference the moment you turn it on for the first time. The 4K tag is definitely something that appeals the customers of today in the market.

Security Lock Slot – It comes with a useful security lock slot which helps users in keeping the monitor securely intact at any setting at your home or office.

Integrated Cable Management – The integrated cable management saves you from the hassle of managing multiple cables which can make the place look messy. Attaching multiple devices such as your PC and game consoles at once would bring in so many cables which would be difficult to manage otherwise.

Landscape or Portrait Options – It can be used to display either in the landscape or the portrait operational mode. The 4K pixels capacity can be used to display high-quality documents top to bottom. Most of the large size monitors of its size or even larger do not support such mode of operation.


It also has some notable limitations which you must consider in order to take a sensible decision as per your circumstances and the purpose you’re looking to use the monitor for. The following is a list of some of its limitations which are worth considering:

Mouse Lag – A number of customers complained about the mouse pointer lag as it get stuck and doesn’t work as it suppose to. It is a problem related to the monitor and nothing to do with the PC.

Display Port Capacity – The DisplayPort only gives a 30Hz output which is a bit limited and doesn’t give the productivity that someone would expect in such advanced piece of technology.

Not as high quality as an Ultra HD monitor should be – The brightness and sharpness of the monitor are not up to the standard of an Ultra HD monitor. This is in reference to the other monitors with the same capacity.

Closer Placement – People usually prefer to put such monitors at a good distance for easy viewing. But, dealing with some of the finer tasks using documents, it requires a considerably closer placement.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, it has more positives than negatives. The panel has got some amazing features and the price it comes at surely makes it a worth considering option for the buyers. The warranty cover and the useful accessories that come along makes it a fairly safe investment.

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