Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor Review

Samsung, with the support of technology, has really taken their products to a newer and better level. This 28-inch Ultra High Definition is a prime example of their best technology that is good enough to mesmerize you. This feature-enriched TV is ideal for any domestic or even commercial setting. Its extra high-resolution is its highlight,and increases its visibility in the daytime and eliminates the need for having dark conditions in the room for its best performance. On top of that, it has 1 billion color support, which for the customers is just like icing on the cake.

Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D)

The versatility of the set is evident by looking at its many features which are packed all in one. It is a value product which is available at an affordable price. The name of Samsung in itself is a great source of satisfaction and gives you the peace of mind while purchasing such products.

Reasons That Will Help You Make Up Your Mind About the Product:

Ultra High Definition Experience

You must have heard about HD TV sets, but the Ultra High Definition experience gives output as much as 4 times as compared to the former. The 1 billion colors resulting in bright, vivid colors adds to its quality and value further par excellence.

Ultra-Fast Response Time

The response time is ultra-fast as it takes just a millisecond to perform any of its function. It is a desirable quality to enhance your action packed sports excitement.

The response time is ultra-fast as it takes just a millisecond to perform any of its function. It is a desirable quality to enhance your action packed sports excitement.

Picture-in-Picture Multitasking

This is an incredible option that adds great value to this product. The picture-in-picture allows you to multitask as you can view more than a single channel on the screen by sharing the screen space. It is useful when you are selecting a particular program to watch.

Game Mode for An Excellent Gaming Experience

It has got something really useful for the game buffs, as its game mode switches the LED to give you an apt gaming experience with enhanced colors, contrast adjustment, scene detection changes, and everything else is just settled to perfection.

Multiple Connections

The system allows you to hook multiple UHD devices such as your PC and your video games console to this monitor. Its two HDMI inputs give this variety along with the Display Port input.

Sleek Design

The sleek and space-saving design is eye-catching and will help you to make up your mind instantly about purchasing. The product is manufactured using sturdy metallic material along with a T-shape stand which is durable and also helps you focus just on the display.


The up-scaling technology of the manufacturer takes the content of your display to a much better level. It enhances the content by noise reduction techniques to give you a much sharper and clearer image.

Things That May Worry You About the Product:

Despite its excellent features, class and elegance, there are some other things related with this product that may worry you while making up your mind about the product. The following is a list of some of those things that shows the other side of the picture of this LED monitor:

The Sleep Mode Feature‚Äč

There are at times when the customer experiences that the system just get freeze after going into the sleep mode. This requires users to cut off the power and re-plug it in order to make it operational. This is really a frustrating issue which takes away some of the credit that the manufacturer takes for its superior features.

Reduced Visibility From Different Angles

A LED monitor should ideally give same view from a number of angles but at times the clarity is not that great when the user shifts sideways.


The HDMI input is not compatible with the mini Display Port as that is what most of the video cards have instead of having a full Display Port out.

The quality and feature of this LED monitor makes it worth a purchase. It has got almost everything that you could be looking in any advanced monitor available today. However, take your pick by evaluating and comparing its features with other similar contemporary products.

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